Research Into Policy in Myanmar: support for local think tanks

  • Status:
  • Complete
  • Programme:
  • Myanmar Think Tank Capacity Building Programme
  • Funder:
  • IDRC
  • Partners:
  • Multiple
  • Years:
  • 2018-2021
  • Key Policy Areas:
  • Climate change and energyDecentralisation and federalismFiscal policy and domestic resource mobilisationPrivate sector growth
  • Type of Support:
  • Policy Influencing Support

Kivu scoped, designed, and delivered a programme of capacity building support for local think tanks and advocacy organisations in Myanmar. The core aim of the programme was to increase the impact of research on policy by increasing the supply of policy-relevant, politically informed research. Kivu initially provided training and light-touch mentoring to around ten local partners. In a second phase of the programme, we focused on three local partners, providing a combination of mentoring and grant funding. This more intensive model had higher impact.

However, after the February 2021 military coup the project was rapidly reorientated towards supporting a different set of partners – with the new aim of ‘defending institutions’. Kivu provided highly flexible advice and funding for three local partners, which allowed them to both survive and to conduct useful research to help inform international donors. Kivu also provided highly responsive, bespoke advice on organisational strategy in the face of a conflict-affected, complex, and unpredictable environment.

Key Impacts:
  • Demonstrable changes in culture within key local partners – including policy-relevant projects conducted by influential partners
  • Contribution to the continued existence and relevance of three local research-based organisations, after the military coup