Our Approach

We believe the most effective way to achieve policy change is by supporting and strengthening local policy actors.

Policy Influencing Support

We support non-government partners to influence policy. This includes individual organisations, such as think tanks, business associations, and civil society organisations. It also includes more complex “coalition-based” approaches to achieving policy change.

Direct Government Support

We work with heads of state, ministers, and senior officials in the centre of government and line ministries to strengthen their policy development and strategy functions.

Supporting International Donors

We provide tailored packages of support for international development partners on their approach to politically informed policy engagement.

Political Economy Analysis

We provide practical-minded political economy assessments and political advice on how to achieve change, both as standalone exercises and as part of ongoing programmes.

We combine our local partners’ policy and political expertise with our understanding of how to achieve change. This approach enables us to work across a full range of policy areas. This has included:

  • Fiscal policy and domestic resource mobilisation
  • Private sector development and business environment reform
  • Agricultural markets and subsidy programmes
  • Job creation and labour market reform
  • Agricultural value chains
  • Social protection
  • Education policy
  • Health sector reform
  • Climate change and green growth
  • Energy sector reform
  • Tobacco control
  • Centre of government reform
  • Civil service reform
  • Trade policy
  • Migration
  • Urbanisation
  • Decentralisation and devolution
  • Governance


We continually challenge ourselves to increase our impact. See below for both our team’s and our local partners’ reflections on our work.