Organisational Support in Conflict-Affected Context: Defending Civic Society in Myanmar

  • Status:
  • Complete - Kivu Foundation Project
  • Funder:
  • FCDO
  • Partners:
  • Multiple
  • Years:
  • 2022
  • Key Policy Areas:
  • Climate Change and Energy; Human Rights; Conflict Monitoring; Social Protection & Poverty; Governance
  • Type of Support:
  • Policy Influencing Support

Kivu International Foundation supported four civil society organisations in Myanmar. The work was in a conflict-affected context, with ongoing civil war and unrest in the country. The FCDO programme supported four local partners to conduct research informing the international community, the government in exile (the National Unity Government) and Myanmar CSOs. The support also helped the four local partners operate safely in a challenging context.
The local partners successfully conducted research on issues, including the environmental impacts of the conflict, trends in donor funding to Myanmar since the military coup, human rights abuses against the LGBTQ community, and emerging local governance arrangements. Kivu supported each partner in disseminating findings to target audiences while managing security risks. For example, research on emerging local governance arrangements in non-government controlled areas increased donor understanding of on-the-ground realities in Myanmar.

Image: Chirag Nagpal/Shutterstock

Key Impacts:
  • Contribution to the continued survival of all four CSOs in a high-risk and conflict-affected context.
  • Use of research to inform decision-making by international donors (on their programming) and the National Unity Government.
  • Development of Kivu’s approach to delivering support in conflict affected contexts, including risk management on providing funding and mentoring to local partners.