Jordan Public Education Expenditure Review

  • Programme:
  • Strengthening Resilience and Response to Crises
  • Funder:
  • FCDO
  • Years:
  • 2020
  • Status:
  • Complete
  • Key Policy Areas:
  • Education
  • Type of Support:
  • Supporting International Donors

This project provided an in-depth analysis of expenditure on public education in Jordan, building on a World Bank assessment of similar issues from 2016. Using far less resource than that previous project, and on a much shorter timescale, the review analysed: recent progress and challenges for education reform in Jordan; the pattern of expenditure and its efficiency and effectiveness; and the emerging risks. In addition to recommendations for the Jordanian Ministry of Education, the report made recommendations for FCDO about the focus of its education programming in Jordan. This project was conducted almost entirely during the first major Covid-related global lockdown, and none of the planned travel to Jordan was possible. Nonetheless, the project proceeded in partnership with local Jordanian experts and made good use of previously unexploited Arabic language resources to inform the analysis. The recommendations were shaped by highly constructive engagement with the other major development partners in Jordan, especially the US and Canada. In this way a relatively small investment of FCDO resource had a wider influence and helped strengthen relationships between the development partners.

Key Impacts:
  • Unique new insight and data on key issues in the Jordanian education system, with strong implications for government policy and development partner activity.
  • Strengthened relationships for FCDO with both the Ministry of Education and other key development partners.