Decentralisation in Myanmar – State / Region Policy Support Units

  • Status:
  • Complete
  • Programme:
  • Decentralisation in Myanmar – State / Region Policy Support Units (PSU)
  • Funder:
  • FCDO
  • Partner:
  • Centre for Good Governance (CGG), Myanmar General Administration Department (GAD)
  • Years:
  • 2020-2021
  • Key Policy Areas:
  • Decentralisation and federalismGenderSocial protection and poverty
  • Type of Support:
  • Direct Government SupportPolicy Influencing Support

This work focused on strengthening the policy development and policy implementation function at the sub-national level in Myanmar. Kivu provided advice on how to improve policy capacity within State and Regional governments, as part of a wider Government of Myanmar decentralisation agenda. Drawing on our team’s experience in policy units and of advising governments on improving policy capacity, our support focused on the form and function of Policy Support Units in Myanmar.

The February 2021 military coup in Myanmar required this programme of activity to be radically reshaped. Direct support for the military government was discontinued. Kivu, working with CGG, then rapidly reorientated our work towards sustaining and supporting civil society organisations. This highly adaptive and politically informed reshaping of our work enabled us to support the survival of a small number of local CSOs.

Key Impacts:
  • Strong levels of engagement from the Myanmar government, including agreement to work as a joint team on policy capacity .assessments
  • Development of a policy capacity assessment tool tailored to the Myanmar context.
  • Support for a small number of CSOs to help them weather the storm after the 2021 coup.