Jess Latchford

Jess Latchford

Senior Economic Adviser

Jess Latchford is Kivu International’s Senior Economic Adviser. Jess has led Kivu’s work in Zambia, supporting local partners to influence policy on taxation, sovereign debt, energy sector reform, and agricultural markets.

Jess has also led political economy analysis studies, including on climate change in Zambia, and evaluation studies, including of education reform in Algeria. She has also provided economic policy support and capacity building to local partners in Malawi, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Myanmar.

Jess has previous direct policy making experience as a government economist for the then UK Department for International Development (DFID) and Home Office. Whilst in DFID, Jess worked in the World Bank team and Europe Department, delivering UK policy objectives in the World Bank and the European Investment Bank. Jess also worked in the Governance Team where she focused on the links between the political economy and economic development.

Prior to joining DFID Jess worked for a year and a half as an economist for the Migration Advisory Committee, providing economic analysis and policy recommendations on a highly political issue.

Jess has a professional and academic training in economics and econometrics.

Policy Area Expertise:
  • Governance
  • Agriculture
  • Climate Change
  • Development Institutions
  • Migration
  • Gender
  • Trade


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