Our Mission

We believe that well designed and effectively implemented public policy increases prosperity and improves the lives of people in the world’s poorest countries. But for policy change to achieve real and lasting impact, it cannot be imposed from the outside – it must be developed, debated and owned locally. This is why Kivu International works with local institutions that seek to influence and improve policy in their own countries to help them bring about the change they want to see.

How We Work

The support we provide draws on our own extensive experience of how policy change happens in developed and developing countries. We understand how achieving lasting change is an inherently complicated and political process.

We know first-hand how difficult creating and delivering policy change is for any government.

We understand the challenges faced by organisations outside government (from research institutes to CSOs and from businesses to community groups) who want to inform and influence policy.

Because we understand the challenges of achieving policy change, we can provide useful, practical and effective support to local partners. Our approach to providing this support starts from a political understanding of the local context. Who has power? How do things get done? Grounded in this political understanding we provide tailored packages of support to help local partners achieve policy change, mentoring and advice. Our aim is to give local institutions the tools, insights and skills they need to effect real and lasting policy change.

Our Approach

Locally led

We listen to local organisations and work with them to bring about the change they wish to see. As outsiders, our advice and support is only taken on-board because we invest in building relationships with our partners.

Politically informed

We recognise that policy change is complicated, messy and always political. Because our team has worked in highly political jobs, we have a culture of thinking and working politically and seek to pass this onto our local partners.

Technically strong

We have substantial technical expertise across the key skills of policy development, from policy analysis to policy implementation. The team is able to apply our expertise to a wide range of economic, social and environment policy issues.