What We Do

What we do

We believe the most effective way to achieve policy change is by supporting and strengthening local policy actors. They are best placed to develop policy solutions which will work in their political environment. They understand how change happens - and does not happen - in their context. Our role is to work with our partners by using their local expertise and knowledge, and our extensive experience of policy-making and policy-influencing, to help them to bring about the change they want to see.  

Kivu International specialises in:  

Running policy influencing programmes, working with a range of influential non-state partners

Effective policy influencing requires action from a range of local partners, each with different forms of power and influence: interest groups such as business have economic power; more traditional CSOs can have influence on some issues; research institutes and think tanks can use policy relevant and politically informed evidence to inform policy makers; and local community groups can assert influence, including increasingly through social media.

Kivu International provides support and advice for this full range of local partners. We support them to increase their impact on policy by developing clear influencing strategies and building the skills needed to implement them. For example, we have substantial experience of supporting the growth of strong and effective think tanks which carry out policy-relevant and politically-savvy research to play a vital role in informing debate and influencing policy. However, we also design and run programmes of work which bring together influential coalitions of different interests to help achieve change.

Supporting effective government policy delivery, with a focus on education policy

In complex and politically-charged environments, effective policy development and delivery is one of the biggest challenges governments face.  We work with politicians and officials to develop improved processes and governmental structures which will improve both policy design and implementation.

This work currently focuses on education policy where Kivu has extensive high-level experience and expertise. Our support focuses on advising governments on how to achieve system wide and lasting improvements, with a focus on the policy development and strategic implementation functions inside government.