What Our Partners Say

What our partners say

It was such a relief to work with people who understood clearly how effective think tanks are supposed to work and who understood my own vision for IPAR. They spoke the same language as us. Kivu’s work had a lasting impact on the institution.”

Antonia Mutoro - former Executive Director, IPAR-Rwanda

“Kivu International provides advice and support which is highly tailored to what we need. They’ve really helped us improve. The interaction with them has helped us bring about important policy changes we want to see in Zambia.”

Dr. Antony Chapoto - Research Director, Indaba Agricultural Research Institute (IAPRI), Zambia

“The advice and support from Kivu International comes from people who really understand think tanks and the art of policy influencing. ZIPAR’s researchers listen and trust their advice because they know that it is coming from people who have faced similar challenges.”  

Dr. Pamela Kabaso - Executive Director, Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR)

“Kivu’s support was highly tailored to ZEPARU’s needs. Whether on fundraising, policy development, using social media or presenting complicated analysis in an accessible way, Kivu ensured they provided us with advice which was appropriate to the situation in Zimbabwe. We hope to work with Kivu again in the future.”  

Dr. Gibson Chigumira - Executive Director, Zimbabwe Economic Policy Analysis and Research Unit (ZEPARU)

“Kivu’s directors bring a wealth of first-hand, practical experience to their support of developing world think tanks and policy makers.  Having worked both at the heart of government and in leading think tanks, they have been-there-and-done-that – they’ve grappled with the messy and political process of achieving change. Their paper for the RSA demonstrates how they have thought hard about how to apply their insights and knowledge to different contexts.”

Matthew Taylor - Chief Executive of the RSA and former Head of the No. 10 Policy Unit