Blogs and Ideas

Blogs and Ideas

Kivu International continually challenge ourselves about the impact that our work has.  We highlight where our approach has delivered results, but we also ask ourselves questions about how we contribute to increased prosperity and improved lives for people in the world’s poorest countries.  


Kivu’s Senior Policy Adviser Becky Hatch recently wrote an Op Ed for Dev Ex on locally-led approaches to development. In this piece, Becky opines on how locally driven advocacy and policy development led by IPS – our local think tank partner in Sri Lanka – and supported by international expertise from Kivu, is finding opportunities for influence and impact on our Cancer Research UK-funded tobacco control programme. 


Kivu's directors Will Paxton and Guy Lodge also published a piece for the RSA in July 2019 on how our work with IPS and NDRI on the CRUK-funded programme is seeking to achieve influence on tobacco control in Sri Lanka and Nepal.


In this think piece for the Royal Society for the Arts (RSA) we reflect on the role of think tanks in achieving change in developing contexts and ask what this potentially means for doing aid more effectively.


This piece was subsequently reviewed by Duncan Green on his blog. Duncan's review can be read here.


We also blog on the On Think Tanks website. This provides both lessons from our experience supporting policy influencing work in in low to middle income countries and specific case studies.

•  Here we set out our approach to peer-to-peer support.

•  Here we reflect on some of the key lessons from working with think tanks and research organisations in developing contexts.

Some case studies include an interview with a communications lead in a local partner here, an interview with an Executive Director of a local think tank here and an interview with a senior think tank researcher in a local partner here.